Everkind Organic Deodorant — Refresh Stick

Effective natural deodorant for men and women with an active lifestyle.

Everkind is aluminium free with no parabens, stearates or chemical nasties—so you can have peace of mind while staying as fresh as a daisy—all day, every day.

Everkind Refresh formula has a minty scent with organic kanuka, spearmint and lavender true precious essential oils.

And it comes in a super eco-friendly compostable stick so you know you're being kind to the planet too.

65g lasts 3-months with once-a-day recommended application. Use sparingly, it's very effective and a little goes a long way.

Enjoy fast dispatch and 100% happiness guarantee!

"Amazing product. Deodorant lasts all day with a lovely scent"
—Jane, NZ

EverKind is Award Winning, Certified Organic, NZ Made and Cruelty Free.

  • Contains:
    Organic camellia oil, organic tapioca starch, naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate and organic NZ beeswax, blended with NZ organic kanuka, spearmint and lavender true essential oils.

    Loved by men and women, and perfect for the active lifestyle. Stick lasts 3 months with once-a-day recommended application. 

    65g Net wt.

  • Push up the stick from the bottom of the tube so that just a small amount, around 2mm, is showing

    Apply a couple of gentle swipes to each underarm for all day protection (it is very effective and a little goes a long way!)

    Reapply after swimming, shower or changing your skin layer of clothing.

  • FAST Dispatch - Same day or next business day

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Another winner in our household

These deodorants are the best thing ever. We love them all and only use EVERKIND. The fresh scent, along with the easy push up stick, makes everything about them a winner in our eyes. Highly recommended!

Paul McGregor
Loving it!

I was a bit sceptical, but now I'm sold. This will be my deodorant for good now. I have tried every single brand and type in the supermarkets and pharmacies but they simply don't work - they just put another intense smell over the top, which eventually makes my shirts stink even after they are washed. This doesn't do that. Plus the packet lasts much longer (3 months so far and about halfway).

Paula Croft
Best one Ever

I’ve used Everkind for over 2 years. I’ve tried a few others but they weren’t as good. This one is smooth, glides on easy and works the way a deodorant should. Stop looking and buy this one 👍

Melanie Redington
Best deodorant ever

I have tried many natural deodorant but this is by far the best. it has a beautiful smell, works well even when exercising. I would highly recommend this to everyone

Amber Bellringer
Best natural deodorant

I've tried many natural deodorants and Everkind is the best I've found. Amazing protection all day! would definitely recommend!