Everkind Organic Itchy Bite Salve

Itchy bites don't have to ruin your day!

All natural itchy bite relief, perfect for when you forgot your insect repellent or missed a spot.

Everkind Itchy Bite Salve is made for fast soothing spot relief of itchy bites, combined with natural insect repellent action.

Its formula is DEET free, with no Icaradin, Permethrins or chemical nasties, only pure natural ingredients for peace of mind.

Recommended for children 1 years and older for spot use on itchy bites.

"Excellent products and Kiwi made. What more could you want?"
—Daniel, NZ

EverKind is Award Winning, Certified Organic, NZ Made and Cruelty Free.

  • Contains:
    Organic camellia oil, organic NZ beeswax, organic tea tree essential oil, organic manuka essential oil, organic roman chamomile essential oil.

    Truly natural — Really works!

    25g Net wt.

  • Put just a little dab of EverKind Itchy Bite Balm on your fingertip

    Massage gently into the itchy bite area for fast relief and local insect repellent action

    Created for spot application only, not for all-over use

    Recommended for children 1 years and older.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rachel Hourigan
The. Best. Itchy salve. Ever.

The. Best. Itchy bite salve! Ever! I love this product and use it year round as I am always plagued by insects of the biting variety.
Wonderful customer service also,
thank you for making the product available out of season. I shall buy 2 at a time from here on and hopefully not run out (or lose it) again!
Buy it! You won't regret it! 2 thumbs up

Great relief from itchy bites

Great remedy for annoying itchy bits within seconds the itchiness has stopped. Cooling and effective .

Chantel Mitchell
Great product

We absolutely love our itchy bite salve, my son is notorious for being attacked by insects when he goes outside and I can always feel at peace knowing I’m using a natural and effective solution on his skin, plus I love the smell!

Elisabeth Cammell
Best Bite Balm Ever(kind)

This little tub of greatness has made summer so much less stressful! Kids with itchy bites at night=stressed out family and less sleep. But a tiny dab of this stuff and poof—itch begone! It’s not too greasy or waxy either, so no worries about it getting on clothes or sheets, plus it smells amazing and you really do only need the tiniest bit massaged in to do the trick. Thank you for this!

Versatile balm

This product is a must have and perfect for a variety of skin irritations. Not only does it have a wonderful scent, it is amazing to apply. Its natural healing properties are even more appealing. This is definitely one to have on hand. We love it and can’t recommend it enough. A++