Everkind Organic Insect Repellent

Say goodbye to mosquito, sandfly, and biting bug woes and enjoy the great outdoors naturally.

Everkind Natural Insect Repellent is super effective and easy to apply.

Its formula is DEET free, with no Icaradin, Permethrins or chemical nasties, only pure natural ingredients for peace-of-mind.

The eco-friendly push-up stick won't leak in your bag, and it goes on like a smooth luxury moisturiser that's not sticky or greasy. Perfect water resistant protection for beach, bush and backyard.

Recommended for use on children 3 years and older. 

"I wholeheartedly support and salute you for living your values.
This is one of the reasons I buy your product, and will continue to do so.
That and the fact it is the best I have ever used."
—Jude, NZ

  • Contains:
    Organic cold-pressed olive oil, organic beeswax, organic neem oil, organic essential oils (spearmint and palmarosa).

    Caring by nature.

    50g Net wt.

    Organic cold-pressed Olive oilOrganic Neem oilOrganic Spearmint essential oilOrganic Palmarosa essential oil

  • Push up the stick from the bottom of the tube so that just a small amount, less than ½cm, is showing

    Apply in gentle strokes to exposed skin and smooth in like a moisturiser, making sure no areas are missed

    Reapply every 1-2 hours or as required.

    Recommended for use on children 3 years and older.

    When traveling to countries where mosquitoes and sand flies carry disease please follow the World Health Organisation travel recommendations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dale Chambers
Love it

Awesome natural repellant, we used it for the first time over on the coast, sandflys were biting then once applied , they were no more . Smells fabulous too.

Jason Beacham
Good Stuff!

Have taken tramping in Fijordland, fishing in Southland and Otago, and on the South Coast. No sandfly bites! It does have to be applied fairly regularly to maintain it's strength, but it's NOT HARMFUL to Tech fabrics or fishing line (unlike DEET). This is a welcome sigh of relief! And it IS NOT a cancer causing chemical! Just buy it.
warning - you do smell a bit like a hippie/citronella candle :)

Elisabeth Cammell
Definitely a Winner

I haven’t met an Everkind product I didn’t love, and this one is no exception. As a person often attacked by biting bugs in the summer, I have tried a variety of natural repellents over the years, and I would say this one pretty much tops the list! It works, and I don’t have to slather it all over to keep the bites away; just a few strokes does the trick. Also, it’s not so greasy that it stains clothing, not so sticky that it attracts a thick coat of dust and sand. Plus it smells lovely, but not overwhelming. Truly the perfect repellent!

No more insect bites!

Tested this out on my summer holiday. Same place I go every year and every year I come home with so many insect bites. But not this year! This stuff is amazing and it smells so good. You don’t need much just a few swipes on the arms and legs. Other members of my family were getting bitten and eventually they were all asking to use my Everkind repellant since it worked so well! Such a good product and I’ll be using this to fight off the insects every summer from now on!

Donna Nightingale
Great stuff

I purchased this as a gift for my daughter, she absolutely loves it! Highly recommend .