Everkind Sensitive Skin Deodorant - Sunshine Stick

Unscented, bicarb-free joy ... let the bliss begin

Sunshine is designed for the most sensitive of sensitive underarms. No fragrance or sodium bicarbonate. Just the pure and natural odour-combatting powers of organic camellia oil, jojoba oil, and superior supplement-quality marine magnesium.

We created Sunshine with one of our new range’s product-testers in mind. She had been trying to make the move to synthetic-free bodycare for over a decade, but struggled because of what she called her 'crazy-sensitive skin'.

She wanted a truly safe option that would keep her fresh all day, and be ultra-gentle on her ultra-sensitive skin. So we took gentle to a whole new level, with Sunshine.

If that sounds like just what your underarms ordered, then Sunshine is the natural deodorant for you.

Ingredients: A luxurious blend of organic tapioca starch, organic camellia oil, organic jojoba oil, marine magnesium (17%), organic beeswax, organic carnauba wax.

Application: Push up 2mm and enjoy all-day protection with 2-4 swipes to each underarm. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.

Lasts about 3-months with once-a-day recommended application. Use sparingly, it's effective and a little goes a long way.


65g Net wt.

Certified by AsureQuality as made with organic ingredients: 83% organic + 17% mineral 


Everkind is caring by nature.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

I wanted to wait a while to give an honest review.

This scent-free deodorant is what I'd been searching for with natural organic brands. It doesn't sting after I shave - and I'm sensitive with this sort of thing - it keeps me smelling like myself without the stink even after a good 45 min run, it leaves a subtle but pleasant smell on my clothes (I smell my body soap when I do a sniff test in the armpits of my clothes), it doesn't leave a white residue anywhere, and it's all in a compostable tube. Most days I go on a scent-free mode and this deodorant keeps my nose happy, and if I do decide to put a tiny bit of perfume on, there is nothing clashing or competing with the fragrance. I would 100% repurchase this once the tube is done. Thank you for making this!

Peter Cheesmur
Perfect for sensitive skin

I had tried the refresh stick and it reacted with my skin, I switched to this and have been using it ever since, love it! And works great

Bernadette Hill

I have always used the Ultra but thought I would try the other ones Triumph and Sunshine. For myself I have found that they appear to have the opposite reaction in that they react with me and the organic cotton clothes I wear and the combination gives my clothes a BO smell. In hindsight should have stuck with the one I have always used - which works perfect for me so I will keep to the one I have always used.

Wonderful product for sensitive skin

I've tried countless of deodorants and this one is truly the best for sensitive skin! I have hidradenitis suppurativa and this is the only deodorant that doesn't flare up my underarms. Highly recommend :)

Game changer!!

I love this deodorant stick, it has been an absolute game changer for me. I was on a journey for a long time trying to find a deodorant that worked that was natural without all the chemicals. Nothing worked until I found this! This version is also much more gentle as I did reacted to the bicarbonate based everkind products and I have absolutely no reaction to this. I’d definitely say this is more of an around the house kind of deodorant, as there is less odour control but it’s such a great every day deodorant when you want something light. Love it! Thank you for working so hard to make these products!