September 23, 2022 5 min read

Congratulations on completing the first 15-days of the Self Care Challenge. 

Making time for selfcare is a daily challenge, but you always feel so much better when you do. Even when days are frantic, it's important to add a pause and bring a little care to your routine.

What feels like selfcare is different for everyone - there is on one-size that fits all! At the end of the day, selfcare is more of a mindset than anything else. By adding care, we create extraordinary from the ordinary.

As you go through this challenge I hope you find things that spark joy for you, so you can cherish moments that make you feel good.

Here are the next 15 ideas for your Spring Self Care Challenge. Pick one each day and get going. Your future self will love you for it!

SIXTEEN: Create a bedtime routine that helps you rest

A good bedtime routine is the foundation of a good day. Set your times for wind down, unplugging, and lights off. You won’t regret it.

Make sure there is something special in your bedtime routine too - a warm drink, bath, massage, or time with a good book. It’s the little things that make life beautiful.

SEVENTEEN: Start the day with a squeeze of lemon

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Our bodies work so much better when we gift them water.

If you experience brain fog in the morning, then lemon water will be your new best friend. It's good for your skin, boosts your energy, helps your immune system, and supports your liver to eliminate toxins.

Room temperate water is best and add the juice of half a lemon to one large glass. In the weekend, you can glam it up by using bubbly water, a pinch of green stevia powder, and a sprig of mint.

EIGHTEEN: Do a random act of kindness

Princess Diana famously said, "Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."

It’s those little acts of kindness that make a world of difference. A precooked meal provides a helping hand for everybody. Keep one in the freezer and kindness is always at the ready.

NINETEEN: Try a new recipe

This week I’ve been experimenting with Cauliflower Pizza. I’ve tried making it before, and always been really disappointed, but this new recipe is fantastic.

It creates a tasty thin base that you can pick up and enjoy. The secret? Baking the cauliflower rice first to reduce the moisture. It's even good the next day. 👌 You’ll never need another recipe!

TWENTY: Explore a new walking track

If you're looking for inspiration, then you'll love the website of Herenga ā Nuku Aotearoa, the Outdoor Access Commission.

You enter your region and your favourite activity (walk, cycle, mountain bike, horse ride, dog walk, wheelchair/pram suitable) and it gives you oodles of options. Make a plan to explore one soon.

TWENTY-ONE: Plant some Dahlia bulbs

Your summer-self will love you for it. Dahlias are a beautiful cut flower, and their petals are also edible (who knew?). You can use them to decorate a cake or sprinkle through your summer salad.

Did you know that dahlias are the national flower of Mexico? And talking about national flowers...

The Kowhai is New Zealand's national flower, and now is a great time to sow Kowhai seeds. There's a bit of an art to germinating them, but well worth the effort.

TWENTY-TWO: Infuse your morning routine with care

When we start by intentionally caring for our body, we set the tone for the whole day. How we treat ourselves sets the standard for how we want to be treated by others. So, let's keep it high.

Choose bodycare products that do good for your body. Add moments of care with a good deodorant, body moisturiser, and lip balm.

TWENTY-THREE: Juice it up

Regular juicing is renowned for getting your skin glowing.

Focus on the vegetables, rather than the fruit (follow the 80:20 rule). Carrots, beetroot, celery, radish, green leafy greens, and lemon make a great juice to zest up your day.

TWENTY-FOUR: Spend time with your people

Make time for people who make you feel great. When we feel low or tired it can feel easier to avoid spending time with others, but when we do make the effort, life always feels so much better.

TWENTY-FIVE: Explore a new hobby

Hobbies break the monotony of the daily and give us an opportunity to do something different. Whether the hobby is physical, social, or creative, they all help us recharge our battery, relax, and reconnect with a sense of joy.

You might have guessed that cooking is my happy hobby. I love experimenting with new recipes and tweaking my old faves. Unbaking our Blueberry Cheesecake is definitely on the cards this weekend.

TWENTY-SIX: Journal those thoughts

Journaling can help us unpack what is going on in our heads. It can reduce stress, create space around negative thoughts, provide a way to process our emotions, and help us work out the best next step.

All you need is something to write in and a bit of a method to get you started. There are lots of ways to approach journaling. Here are some great suggestions, just pick something that works for you.

Journaling can also be just a great way to organise what’s going on in life and help us choose what’s the best thing to spend time on. For an intentional time-management tool, I highly recommend the Bullet Journal method.

TWENTY-SEVEN: Make time for music

Listening to your favourite music can be great for mind and mood. It can improve mood, reduce stress, and increase our feelings of happiness and joy.

Playing relaxing music before bed can also help our bodies unwind and get ready for a good night's sleep.

TWENTY-EIGHT: Join a movement community

Regular exercise is a big pillar of selfcare, it’s great for body and mind. And when we exercise with others it really helps our motivation. She Moves provides online workouts and a great community to support your wellness journey.

Local walking and running groups are also great for connecting with people in your community and getting time outside.

TWENTY-NINE: Play games

Without a doubt, laughter is one of the best medicines. When it comes to having fun and feeling good, board games are hard to beat.

Games are great for creating fun family time, keeping our cognitive skills sharp, and reducing stress with laughter.

Articulate and Scattergories come highly recommended. What’s your family fave?

THIRTY: Unplug and unfollow

One of the best things we can do to care for our body + mind is to unplug from the digital world.

While technology has a lot of benefits, it’s super important to take time to be present in the moment. Set a routine for turning off devices and have a regular clean out of those you follow.

If they’re not adding good to your life, then unfollow or unsubscribe. Your future self will thank you for it.

And that's a wrap...

Those are my thoughts for the Everkind 30-day Spring Selfcare Challenge. I hope the challenge serves you well.

Remember life is short, so treasure all those little moments.

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