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Everkind Stars is a rewards program for our beautiful community of organic bodycare lovers. Every body is a star in our eyes, so we've designed our rewards program to add to your sparkle.

Everkind Stars is free to join, and super-duper easy to use. Keep calm and sparkle on! ⭐⭐ Your body (and your wallet) will love you for it!

Where do I find Everkind Stars?

You'll see the cute little launch button at the bottom left corner of our website. When you click the button an Everkind Stars panel will appear.

Now you're only moments away from boosting your sparkle.

How does Everkind's rewards program work?

You earn Sparkles and redeem them for an Everkind voucher to use when you shop in our online store.

Everkind Stars is free to join. Enter your email address on the Everkind Stars panel. You'll receive an email to click, and then you're in. You can sparkle whether or not you have an Everkind store account.

Is it easy to earn Sparkles?

Super easy! When you buy from Everkind you earn 1 Sparkle for every $1 you spend.

You can also earn clusters of Sparkles:

⭐ 20 Sparkles when you join Everkind Stars,

⭐ 5 Sparkles when you connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, and

⭐ 100 sparkles when you celebrate your birthday.

Then the fun begins!

How do you use Sparkles?

You can exchange your Sparkles for rewards like this:

⭐ 100 Sparkles for a $5 off voucher

⭐ 200 Sparkles for a $10 off voucher

⭐ 300 Sparkles for a $15 off voucher

⭐ 400 Sparkles for a superstar 15% off voucher

Smile. Sparkle. Repeat!

And that's not all ...

If you LOVE spreading the Everkind word (and I know so many of you do!🤗) you can also gift a voucher to your friends.

Sprinkle some Sparkles

When your friends want to make the move to natural, you can gift them a 15% off voucher for their first purchase.

Once they use their voucher, we'll send you a voucher too - doubling the sparkle.⭐⭐ 

Just sign in, with your email (no password needed), and you'll see the link to share.

You can also share a voucher as a gorgeous Facebook post or a pre-formatted giftie email to your friends - all from the Everkind Stars panel. It's never been easier to sprinkle a little love.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

It's a sparkly thought

When every dollar we spend is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in, we really appreciate you using your dollars to make a difference, with Everkind.

You're a star, sparkle on!⭐

Amanda-Jane Healy
Amanda-Jane Healy

In her pre-mum life Amanda-Jane was an environmental lawyer. When her children were little she and her family moved to the country in a market gardening area, where they experienced first-hand the toxic impact of conventional horticulture on groundwater, land and personal health. This experience launched her on a journey to restore her family's health and find practical, truly natural solutions for everyday needs. Amanda-Jane became the founder and creator of Everkind - a body care brand strongly committed to providing body kind, people kind, planet kind essentials that work.

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