February 11, 2021 3 min read

What does it mean to be body kind? 

In the world of natural skincare and bodycare, things aren’t always what they seem. Greenwashing and over-promising abound, and it can be hard to know what to trust. So, we decided to take a stand, and make you a promise backed by radical transparency and third-party accountability.

We call that promise ‘body kind’ – a promise that everything we do will genuinely care for your body, inside and out.

So, what do we mean by body kind? Well, the way we see it, our bodies are with us for life. And being body kind means never having to choose between your wellbeing and what works. Read on to find out more about what being body kind means to us.

Caring for your body nature’s way.

Every body has a turning point. A moment when we realise just how nasty chemical nasties can be. And we think to ourselves, what exactly are we putting on our skin? We had that turning point, too, and it led us to create Everkind.

Everkind is built on the belief that quality begets quality, and care begets care. And that when you start with the gentlest, safest, and best organic ingredients, proven over generations, and loved all over the world – the final product has got to be good for you. Being body kind means that from our ingredients to our scent to our texture, every element is carefully considered. We pick the best, not the cheapest – so you can be sure you’re doing your body a world of good.

Keeping life simple, we’ve taken a leaf out of nature’s book and pared it back to the basics. Putting just as much thought into what we leave out, as what we put in. Because the more we leave it to nature, the more your body will love you for it.

The confidence of knowing that your bodycare really works.

For us, being truly body kind means caring for your body with quality products that really perform. That’s why our all-natural products work as well as – if not better than – the synthetic alternatives. And if any part of our product isn’t quite cutting it, we’re not afraid to head back to the drawing board. The same goes for our customers. If you’re not 100% happy, neither are we – which is why we offer a happiness guarantee on all Everkind products. It’s all part of the body kind deal.

Doing your body a little good every day.

How you start the day makes a world of difference. It’s those daily rituals that renew you, refresh you, and get you ready to go. Taking time just for you, swapping out the daily grind for little moments of care, is really something special. And to us, that’s body kind all over.

We made Everkind to help you start the day right, then help you hold onto that feeling all day long. Our bodycare keeps working quietly behind the scenes to keep that morning glow going, whatever the day may bring.

Being body kind means being kind to yourself, too.

Like nature’s many stages, we believe every stage of life is beautiful – and that, while we might not always love our bodies, we should always respect them. After all, they’re the only place we’ve got to call home. So it’s important to show them the utmost care, treat them to a little luxury, and get them ready to help us face the day with confidence. 


At the end of the day, body kind means doing your body a world of good – with pure and gentle ingredients, and not a nasty in sight. So you can enjoy natural confidence, all-day, every day. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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