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Goodbye itchy beard and dry flaky skin—Hello soft scented manliness!

EverKind all natural face and beard balm is made for men, with a hint of earthy wildness from cedarwood atlas essential oil.

You can feel the difference straight away as your beard softens, and the precious essential oil blend gently moisturises and soothes your skin.

Also works well massaged in as a light hair pomade, moisturising the scalp and removing the frizzy hair look.

EverKind Face and Beard Balm contains no chemical nasties, only pure natural ingredients for peace of mind. Caution: Once you have used it, it's hard to do without!

Enjoy Fast dispatch, Free delivery to urban NZ, and Easy 30 day returns.

"Excellent products and Kiwi made. What more could you want?"
—Daniel, NZ

EverKind is Award Winning, Certified Organic, NZ Made and Cruelty Free.

  • Contains:
    Organic camellia oil, organic NZ beeswax, organic sweet orange essential oil, organic cedarwood atlas essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil.

    Truly natural — Really works!

    55g Net wt.

  • Use a small marble sized amount of EverKind Face and Beard balm, smoothed evenly around the fingertips of both hands

    Apply to beard or hair, gently massaging into the skin as well

    Shape beard or hair as desired and enjoy the softness and scent all day.

  • FAST Dispatch - Same day or next business day

    FREE Shipping to urban NZ, flat rate to NZ Rural and Australia*

    EASY 30 day returns with full refund

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